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Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend. Each point is worth 5 cents. So for example, if you buy 4 products at $19.00 each, you've earned $3.80 towards another purchase. You can use points as a discount or wait until they add up to free products!

At checkout look for the box that says Discount/Promo Code. Enter PYYY where YYY is the number of points you choose to spend.

Please Remember:

You only earn points from online purchases, not phone orders.

Points do not apply to shipping or taxes.

Your total points and dollar value are calculated and can be viewed at checkout or in your account.

If you forget to enter your points at checkout, you will have to wait to use your points with your next order. We cannot manually apply points to an order.

You cannot use and earn points at the same time. You must do one or the other.

You cannot use points and a discount code at the same time. You must use one or the other.