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Blended Beauty FAQ

How much does shipping cost?

Canadian Shipping Costs
• Customer pays exact shipping rates. Rates are calculated by the shopping cart and the exact amount shown.
• Orders are shipped from Mississauga Ontario
• Please allow 7 days for delivery
• Prices are for Canadian addresses only

International orders:
To find an international distributor please click here.
Americans please order from BB USA. Canadians please click on BB Canada under Home.

International orders: To find an international distributor please click on the distributors link. Or you may order through the American shopping cart, but extra shipping fees will be charged after you order.

What types of payment do you accept?
When ordering online you may choose to use a credit card, echeck or PayPal, checking out with a highly secure SSL server. Your information is completely safe and secure. If you wish to pay by money order, please email or call using the information on the contact page for your region.

What's the difference between Blended Beauty and Blended Cutie?
Blended Cutie products have a more neutral pH that is gentle on sensitive skin. Blended Beauty products have a slightly lower pH for curl shine.

I am not interracial but I have curly, frizzy, dry hair. Can I use the products and will they help me?
Of course. These products are for moisturizing and taming dry, frizzy hair. You may choose the products that you think will suit you best according to their descriptions. Just check the hair chart to see what would work best for you. The list of products on the right has products designed for all curly hair including wavy, cupid curls, kinky swirls, and kinky afro type hair.

Why don't you use silicone or acrylics like carbomer?
These are plastics that have absolutely no value heath-wise and simply coat the hair with no nourishment at all. They are also difficult to rinse away and have not long term beautifying properties. They are like a bandage rather than a cure. No cones have health benefits.

Since the products are naturally derived, how long do they last?
If you plan to use them up in less than 6 months, you can keep them with your toiletries but if you have them longer, please keep them in a cool, dry place and they should last at least 9 months.

What does naturally derived mean?
This means taking the best part of a molecule, of a natural ingredient, and only using it or adding more of it to the molecule.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of the poducts, refunds will only be granted on products that are proven to be damaged or destroyed during shipping. Simply write 'return to sender' on the box and send it back. A new one will be sent to replace it. There are no other returns, refunds or exchanges. If you are unsure of your selection, contact us or try a sample pack for your hair type. You always have the option of sending in a picture of your hair if you would like additional assistance with product selection.

Want to become a distributor?
Contact us for more information.