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What Is Your Refund Policy?

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What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of the poducts, refunds will only be granted on products that are proven to be damaged or destroyed during shipping. Simply write 'return to sender' on the box and send it back. A new one will be sent to replace it. There are no other returns, refunds or exchanges. If you are unsure of your selection, contact us or try a sample pack for your hair type. You always have the option of sending in a picture of your hair if you would like additional assistance with product selection.

Canadian orders:
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Contact:Email us
Canadian order inquiries and wholesale inquiries: 1-416-238-9668

American orders:
P.O. Box 360277, Strongsville, Ohio USA, 44136
Contact:Email us.
USA order inquiries only: 1-877-238-9470
Or visit Blended Beauty USA.

Feel free to send any other questions . Check out the tips page for detailed assistance.

Before asking, please check here to see what your hair type is to make it easier to help you.