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Natural Products For Natural Curls

About Blended Beauty

Blended Beauty hair care products were designed specifically for the needs of those with dry, wavy, curly, kinky, and relaxed or heat-straightened hair.

Our main goal is to provide superior quality products that beautify the look of the hair but also nourish the hair from the inside out, promoting healthy growth and diminishing breakage. All our products are formulated with naturally derived ingredients and are between 98%-99% natural.



Client Testimonials


I just wanted to say that I went natural a little over 2 years ago and haven't found anything as wonderful as the Happy Nappy Styles and Soy Cream Shampoo for my 4b hair. Now it is soft and hydrated without putting the "soul glo" and everybody's furn...

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Truly Natural Products

Blended Beauty curly hair care products have been designed to moisturize, tame and define the full range of naturally curly, biracial and afro hair types. Whether you have waves, corkscrew or kinky curls, locs or relaxed hair, we have natural hair products for you.

Our hair products include shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner butters and lotions, styling aids for biracial and natural black hair. Our kids line is especially for combing and styling kids curls.

Quality Products

Blended Beauty curly hair products are salon tested and salon quality, for superior biracial and afro hair care. The difference is felt with the first use!

Blended Beauty products are truly unique. Imagine your curls looking as healthy when dry, as when wet, but not greasy or wet-looking. Only healthy, moisturized, defined beautiful and inviting to touch.

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Most of us would like our curls to be soft, contoured, have movement and body, without a lot of crunchiness, greasiness, frizz and shrinkage. To achieve this goal, Blended Beauty products range from very light to very rich for all the different biracial and afro hair types.

Click on the hair types chart, above, to find products suited to your natural hair or for straightened hair.